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Contact Lens Q&A with Dr. Gentile

  • At what age should my child have his/her eyes examined?

Most children should have their eyes examined before entering school. Children often have eye problems that they cannot explain but can have a profound impact on their learning process. Depending on family history, some children may need to be examined as infants by a pediatric optometrist or ophthalmologist.

  • Can kids wear contact lenses?

Children usually start wearing contact lenses at the age of 10-12 years old. However, even children younger can be fit for contact lenses. We have even seen infants in comfort lenses due to ocular conditions. Successful contact lens wear depends on the responsibility of the patient or guardian taking care of them. Some 8-year-olds have no problem with contact lenses and some 16-year-olds do. It depends on each patient.

  • Should I wear sunglasses during the winter?

Sunglasses should be worn all year round. While the sun may not be as hot to us during the winter, there is still ultraviolet light exposure that can affect your eyes. All sunglasses should block 100% of the UV light.

  • Why is my vision going bad once I turned 40?

As we age, the muscle in the eye becomes less flexible. By the age of 40, the eye muscles can no longer focus the lens in your eye to allow you to see clearly at 16 inches away.

  • When I read a label on food items, I need to move it further away from me. What’s happening?

If you feel like you have to move more things further away or your arms aren’t long enough, you may be developing presbyopia. This is when the muscles in the eye become less flexible and can no longer focus the lens in your eye efficiently. This usually happens between 40 and 50 years old.

  • Will my insurance plan cover my new glasses?

General health insurance usually does not cover eyeglasses unless they have coordinated with a vision plan. Most health insurance plans will have a vision care rider that will cover basic eyeglasses.