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Sports and Specialty Eyewear Fitting

safety glassesSports-related eye injuries can cause permanent ocular damage and vision loss, especially in children. They can be prevented with recreational specs that are designed to comfortably protect the eyes while offering stylish options, including shatter-proof protection for indoor or outdoor activities.

Some sports and recreational activities require visual needs that regular eyeglasses cannot accommodate. For example, if you ride a motorcycle, you may require special fog-free goggles that correct your vision without impinging on your peripheral vision. If you swim and need to see underwater, you may need prescription swim goggles that fit properly and allow you to function clearly underwater. If you golf and have a difficult time finding the ball on the green, you may benefit from specially tinted glasses that enhance the contrast of the field against the golf ball.

There are many different specialty eyewear options available to suit your particular sports and recreational needs. Please schedule an appointment in our office so that we may accommodate your visual needs and help enhance your recreational activities.